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Featured Photographer - Michael Meyersveld

Featured Photographer - Michael Meyersveld Featured

Micheal got held of his father’s camera and started playing around with the instrument at the age of six. He started taking it seriously around 14. He joined the camera club of Johannesburg from a young age where he had the honour of working side by side with some top names. They inspired him and fueled his passion and fascination of photography, which has since taken him to the very top of his game and industry. 

Throughout his years as a photographer he never lost sight of his fine art photography, something that has been very dear to him. Although a highly recommended advertising photographer, he has been moving further and further away from the industry and has been focusing more and more on his own choice pieces.

One of his secrets to success is the age old cliché that is perseverance; he says he is an absolute workaholic, there is no shortcut for hard work. He will go on and on until he gets the shot he wants.

Most of the images in PLUS27 are from the project; staged life which has 4 chapters. The images
are shot using models that he refers as to street models meaning they aren’t the quintessential model and will not stage their own ego as opposed to the ego of the shots. Every image is staged. Micheal doesn’t find images but creates them, they are completely controlled.

The perfection of the images is a result of hands-on work and well though-out ideas. He does his own location find, casting and when possible styling. This ensures that he captures the story exactly
as he wants it. Nothing is left to chance in his images. This sets him apart from many other photographers.

Michael’s images are not always signed and sealed with deeper meaning. In fact he prefers that the viewer sees the images in the way they want to. Images are open for interpretation and some of his images don’t have any specific meaning, but are rather just beautiful shots. He gets an idea and shoots a series of images with no intention of offering or showing some deeper or profound meaning.

We are living in troubled and rushed times, and if someone stops and gazes upon one of his images and learns a little bit about themselves or their surroundings; the he has succeeded.
Micheal Meyersfeld is a photographer that has been around for a very long time and just like a good whisky, is getting better and better with age.

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